From Humble Beginnings

In 2016, after dragging his loving wife to Rage Axe Throwing in Montreal, Axe Pit owner Tim Johnson decided this was one of the coolest things ever and immediately added axe throwing to the Maine Warrior Gym as an additional offering.

We immediately met with the founders of what would be the World Axe Throwing League and helped them create what is now the biggest and best Axe Throwing League in well... the WORLD!

It was called the "Axe Pit" because it was literally a small, dirty, secluded portion of a hallway that had one target and hosted groups of up to 6 people (more than that, and it got REAL cramped). A "Pit" if ever there was one. Signage consisted of six poorly stenciled letters on the wall and a bit of chicken wire..

After hundreds of private bookings, holiday parties, birthdays, divorce parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, police department outings, mother and son dates, one-person private training, a visit from Slugger, and more... it was decided that the Axe Pit needed a bit more space!

In November 2019, when the Maine Warrior Gym moved to Clark's Pond Parkway, the Axe Pit finally had its own door, and phone number! Wahoo!

In 2021 we built our Mobile Unit, for bringing axe throwing to festivals, weddings, parties, parking lots, pop-ups, and more!

We have continued to grow and in 2022 now have 4 completely digital projected targets on site and a performance stage for live music!

Whether you visit us at our South Portland location or bring the AXE-citement to your location, you are sure to have fun, relieve stress, and learn something new!